Toni Adamopoulos
Artist, Owner
San Elijo Hills, CA


Sea Implosion
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#BN101 Sea Implosion

This deep, vibrant borosilicate implosion pendant is all ready to shine around your neck.  Swarovski pearls and crystals highlight the underwater implosion.
Violet Seaweed
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#BN102 Violet Seaweed

These fantastic borosilicate beads are a soothing seaweed green swirling with subtle shades of blue and purple. Swarovski crystals and sterling silver complete this stunning piece.

Violet Seaweed

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#BN103 Mahogany

Gorgeous boro beads in deep shades of mahogany, accented with vintage auroraborealis crystals, garnet nuggets, smoky quartz, and bali silver.
Spring sparkle
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#SN101 Spring sparkle

A sleek soft glass watercolor floral bead accented with sparkling Swarovski crystals in perfect spring colors. The large link sterling silver chain finishes this piece off in lovely contemporary style!
Cool Confetti
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#SN102 Cool Confetti

The soft glass beads showcased in this necklace are vividly rich confetti colors magnified by a deep clear encasement.  Lavendar jade globes and vintage auroraborealis crystals complete this cool, perfect-for-spring necklace.

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